Coffee + Beer was opened in 2017 and is located on Cotham Hill, Bristol.

We believe the UK has some of the best coffee and beer in the world and want to showcase this to as many people as we can. Our concept is a retail store combined with an espresso bar and tap room so you can fully experience the great products we have in stock.

We use top quality equipment which enables us to offer our customers the opportunity to try new flavours in both coffee and beer. With up to 6 different coffees on the filter selection and up to 6 different beers on our taps, we hope that tasting before buying will encourage people to investigate different products and to explore the wide varieties of both coffee and beer.


img-20181010-135304-02.jpegWhilst we have pride in the local producers and want to support them as much as we can, we also source products from further afield to widen the range of our offerings. Our current stock is all online as so please browse our site to see some of the suppliers we source from.

We can seat up to 18 people and serve all types of coffees and other hot drinks as well as beer from the taps or cans and bottles from the fridge. To accompany the drinks, there is a small selection of treats supplied by our friends Pearly King Cakes and Bakery 108